COVID-19 Data Exchange

Because facilitating access and exchanging data is critical to win the war against the virus and restrain its collateral economic impact, join public and private organizations in this data exchange initiative.

The COVID-19 Data Exchange initiative


The challenge

Sharing information in an unprecedented crisis. 

The magnitude, gravity and scope of COVID-19 upsets all aspects of our daily lives and creates a huge disruption in the global economy that affects all sectors. 

To impede the virus’ dissemination and promptly and efficiently address the dramatic consequences it generates, data must circulate at scale between all organizations, easily, securely and transparently.

Rise to the challenge of an international effort that requires the commitment and mobilization of each and everyone. 

Our purpose

Contribute to the resolution of COVID-19 crisis

Facilitated access to data, as well as the coordinated effort of all economic stakeholders, at public and private level, worldwide, will be key in the struggle against the virus, to overcome all collateral damages caused by the pandemic. 

To acquire more capabilities to answer crisis-related complex questions faster, leading data exchange technology is made available pro bono, enabling public and private organizations to access multiple data sources worldwide.

COVID-19 Data Exchange

Designed for easy, secure and fast data circulation 

Scientific communities, hospitals and healthcare operations, pharmaceutical organizations, specialized equipment manufacturers and distributors, retailers, transport & logistics companies, banks and insurance, real estate, global and regional health organizations, governmental agencies, municipalities and other public services...every business sector is impacted.

A rich global community, involved in solving the many health, economic, organizational and societal problems compounded by the pandemic, will be able to securely source, publish and exchange all types of non-personal data.

Data Privacy

The COVID-19 Data Exchange is in full compliance with data privacy laws, regulations and standards from around the world. The security and privacy by design and by default of the platform ensures all participants can exchange data in full confidence. Only non-personal data will be exchanged on the platform.

A Data Exchange pro bono Initiative

Join worldwide and regional organizations in this endeavor and proactively exchange critical non-personal data to contribute to stopping the virus’ progression and its economic impact.

"Rapid data sharing is the basis for public health action. The report from the 30 January 2020 International Health Regulations Emergency Committee regarding the outbreak of novel coronavirus stressed the importance of the continued sharing of full data with the World Health Organization. The information disseminated through peer-reviewed journals and accompanying online data sets is vital for decision-makers.”

World Health Organization - 30th January 2020


World Network

Predicting the post-pandemic rebound (French)


COVID-19: How unprecedented data sharing has led to faster-than-ever outbreak research

European Commission

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Facilitating access to data in an unprecedented crisis

In the current global crisis, data must circulate easily, securely, and fastly between organizations. The CODIV-19 Data Exchange is made available to companies and organizations wanting to take part in the resolution of this crisis.